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I saw the review that said it was 11 and decided to get it for my son and that was a terrible idea.

I am pretty strict about what games my 12 year old plays, and don't care for the level of violence in games today.

If anything, it shows a kid how useless and dangerous alcohol is. I brought the disc from EB games and after around 8 hours of downloading gave up and went to bed.

I continued the download the next morning and after it came up with ready to play An error kept displaying content was not downloaded.

Paying 24.99 as I have for a completely unplayable game is ridiculous.

First off for new players, veteran players will not... As soon as you try to play the vet players will kill you immediately over and over again.

Although there is violence in this game, I suggest you get it as it is fun, addicting and educational.

Absolutely zero sexual content, depending on how you feel about your characters being dressed like cavemen until they get clothes.The play of this game was not well thought out so if you are not friends with any one who is good at this game you will not be able to play it. I asked players to let me progress but they said "quit crying and go play pve which is no player vs player, yet even on the pve game the other vet players have taken all the land so there is no way you can survive, again, unless you know a vet player. It's a waste of time and money.i honestly think this game is exelent has lots of details but some bugs i love the part about how to survive and online raiding has no gore almost no blood but whats wrong we have it in our body and its educative.The game is honestly pathetic and is in no way fun to play. you are never naked As I gave my 11 Year old son this game for Christmas.Players can build homes and structures and even tame dinosaurs that they can ride on.Children can learn about dinosaurs and learn survival.

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