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Read Full Review Met 5 women from the site and had relationships with 3 of them over a period of 6 months, one relationship carried on after my membership expired.

We have many many thousands of members who daily engage with Singles365 and find that Icebreakers help start a great many great relationships. I got lots of interest but got suspiscious and couldnt believe my luck as i wouldnt consider myself that lucky!I wish i I had read the reviews before blindly using the site.I have paid my money and now cant log on as it says my details are invalid.I cant believe that they are still getting away with this after all these years?i joined up and didnt complete my profile, within minutes i was getting emails from fake members with headlines like "i wanna meet you" and guess what, you have to pay to read the email i got 2 friends to join and they received the same identical fake reply within seconds of kjoining also. Read Full Review Written on: 15/11/2010 Firstly, let me be honest about my reasons for posting, so as not to mislead.

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