Accomidating slow learner

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Reasoning skills are typically delayed, which makes new concepts difficult to learn.

A slow learner has traditionally been identified as anyone with a Full Scale IQ one standard deviation below the mean but not as low as two standard deviations below the mean.

New skills need to be based upon already mastered concepts.

This can be difficult when the majority of the class has already mastered a concept and is moving on, while the slow learner needs more time.

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They are prone to anxiety, low self image, and eventually may be quick to give up. They spend all day doing something that is difficult for them, it can be very draining.Processing speed on its own may not be enough to qualify a student for an IEP, but that doesn’t mean classroom accommodations can’t be used anyway.Here are some strategies that teachers can use to help all students, and which can be especially helpful for students who have challenges with processing speed.However, she learns slower than average students and will need additional help to succeed.What are some of the educational challenges for struggling or slow learners?

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