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There`s probably no girls in there and just families.“ But then when I walked in, there were many times sexy university girls in the make-up aisle, condom section or around the store, with no guys around them, with no friends, just her alone for me to meet her and experience her beauty… Let`s say you didn`t go clubbing, but you stayed up late and wanted to meet girls.

Generally, after the clubs and bars close, people tend to be very hungry and will head to fast food restaurants or diners.

This environment can be challenging at times to meet girls in, however here`s why it`s an effective place in a nutshell : a.

A girl`s buying temperature has been pumped up during the night, and is, therefore, more receptive to sexual contact, and sex.

If she is waiting at the stop, get next to her and immediately start a conversation. On the bus, ask her where she is getting off nonchalantly to know how much time you have to interact with her to know how fast you have to move things forward before getting her contact information. This is a place where literally no guys talk to girls in, yet there are opportunities every time I go there!A popular fast food place is Mc Donalds, and I can honestly, and hilariously say that I`ve met many girls here and had successes with them.Essentially, you can wait in line for food while chatting with girls and then sit with them after.Better yet, what if there were places where women didn`t expect to get approached, and because of this are more receptive to you and are actually easier to get on a date, hook up with, or make into your girlfriend. Here are 11 tried and tested, unexpected, yet effective places and situations to meet girls. These are the same girls you will see in a nightclub and bar, except this is the behind the scenes.Just keep in mind though that in these scenarios, you must get the girls attention off of her shopping and onto you, as in this environment she is not expecting to meet a guy like in a club or bar but is rather expecting to shop. I used to have a wingman that would always want to meet girls in the pharmacy.

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