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Too bad we don't live closer, we'd love to go more often!

THEFT OF THE TEXAS LONE STAR The museum exhibit of first president of the Texas Republic, Sam Houston, has been broken into by thieves.

Enjoy drink specials and bar bites while soaking up views of Discovery Green.

You get so caught up in trying to solve whatever mystery or event you've been put into the time disappears like you're in a time warp.

Visitation privileges may be suspended or terminated for inappropriate behavior or misuse of the visitation system.

With the exception of privileged visits, visitation will be monitored by Detention personnel.

The adventure itself involves escaping from a room by solving a mystery. These are the recommended numbers of players, but if you really want to play alone you can! We have designed our adventures to be as accessible for the most petite person to a body builder and every age group. Ultimately, how successful we are is a result of how well we do our job.

We are happy to accommodate you as a solo player, but remember it will be hard work, and you will need to book the entire room. You need skills other than brawn such as good searching skills and logical reasoning. Are there any age limits for The Escape Hunt Experience? However, players must be at least 10 years old and players between the ages of 10 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult. There is nothing like our concept anywhere in the world.

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(not available for inmates housed in other Harris County Jail facilities) The public can do it from home.

(using your home computer and web cam) Off Site / Remote Visitation Schedule: Monday - Friday PM - PM. OR 2 Attorneys with clients detained at the Jackson Parish Correctional Center or the Jefferson County (Downtown) Jail Facility can visit with their client using a free computer application “Skype”. To initiate the process, an attorney is required to download the application from the site:, and to create a free account.

A man was found dead in Marylebone Manor and you have been called to investigate. Help Save the Apollo Lunar Mission RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE NOW!

This case is strange as suspicious cipher messages appeared at the manor just prior to his death! The flight of Apollo 13 has experienced an explosion on board!

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