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If your baby is born early or requires special medical and nursing care, they will be looked after in our Special Baby Care Unit.Baby's parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome to visit anytime.We try to arrange appointments to take place within 2-4 weeks of your call.There is no time limit after the birth, however we recommend that you wait at least 6-8 weeks so that you have had time to process what has happened.Intervention rates are lower for planned home and midwifery unit births supporting a ‘normal birth’ experience.Normal births means that you go into labour by yourself and give birth without assistance from instruments, without caesarean section and without general, spinal or epidural anaesthetic before or after birth.Warwick Hospital is delighted to have been awarded a Certificate of Commitment by the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

You will need to leave your gestation/due date and we’ll arrange it with you for around 33 weeks onwards.If you think you could benefit from the opportunity to discuss your birth experience, please call us on our confidential answerphone.A maternity staff member will call you back as soon as possible to arrange a face-to-face appointment with an experienced midwife.Tel: 44(0) 1252 332344Email: [email protected] ARC is a national charity which provides non-directive support and information to parents before, during and after antenatal testing.The purpose of the Adult Correctional Services (ACS) survey is to provide important indicators as to the nature and characteristics in correctional case-flow that are of use to agencies responsible for the delivery of these services, the media and the public.

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