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Some people resist authority on all levels, including the authority of their religion or the authority of their spouse.

In this case, the only positive aspect of adultery is the discovery of the true nature of a spouse.

This is the major reason espoused for committing adultery – it is human nature.

It is argued that humans are not meant to be monogamous.

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Usually, this falls into deviant psychological behavior.No matter what you’re looking for, our 10 Best Adultery Dating Sites have what it takes to find you the affair you’ve always wanted.Bragging Rights: The world’s largest sex and swinger community Adult Friend has over 40 million members from all over the world 25.5 visiting the site each month, so you won’t have any trouble finding someone to have an affair with or who can be an addition to your pair.Adultery can then allow the faithful spouse to go through divorce proceedings and find someone who is more compatible or they have the choice of working out the difficulties with a therapist.Adultery can lead to getting psychological help which may act to curb other unwanted behavior that would eventually have shown at another during the marriage, possibly with real disastrous consequences.

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