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She has this nightmare that it’s really him [marrying Miss Geist]. Here she is: it’s almost like unveiling her to the world. Then they all fall on the floor, and [Cher] gets up triumphantly.

We got real punchy and couldn’t stop, to the point where the crew and Amy, they were getting a little annoyed. I think he was the priest who marries them at the end. Hall: I also found that part of the plot so moving and adorable, the way they set us up, Miss Geist and myself.The rain on the movie that year, in January, was just phenomenal. Donald Faison, Murray: We were all really tight already, by that time. But actually, I start the shot on Breckin and we ease the camera over onto Donald, so we catch his line when he thought he was off-camera. That’s when I’m arguing with Dionne, and then, I want to say in Mr. Because Brittany has always been so close to me and like a sister, you’ll see in the movie that I just kiss her on the top of the head, like she’s my half sister or something.Adam Schroeder, producer: The entire cast and everybody was dressed to the nines …I don’t know if we ever even see the back open in the film. [but] we did spend quite a bit of money on the wedding dress. Mona May: And then the bridesmaids: I got to make all the bridesmaids’ pink little outfits — shift dresses with little jackets. It always ended with people getting married when we played Barbies. So we’d be playing Barbies, then all the dolls would start fighting in a big mob at the end over who caught the bouquet. I remember it being difficult to move in that dress. Adam Schroeder: Karyn [Rachtman] had found an Oasis song called “Whatever,” which was a big part of the movie — whatever — and it was very Oasis-y and it was a very cool song and sounded great.It was quite an interesting design and I think beautifully executed by my seamstresses. Barry Berg, producer and unit production manager: I guess it’s something that as a guy, I probably didn’t really understand and that was that they really wanted a terrific-looking, special, expensive wedding dress [for Miss Geist]. It wasn’t a tight dress, but the material — I think the waist was really tight or something. The deal was that they were the end title song, but the song [would start] before the movie’s over.

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