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Like most of Iraqi Kurdistan, Halabja was in perpetual revolt against the regime of Saddam Hussein, and its inhabitants were supporters of the , the Kurdish fighters whose name means “those who face death.”A young woman named Nasreen Abdel Qadir Muhammad was outside her family’s house, preparing food, when she saw the helicopter.

The Iranians and the had just attacked Iraqi military outposts around Halabja, forcing Saddam’s soldiers to retreat.

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the late morning of March 16, 1988, an Iraqi Air Force helicopter appeared over the city of Halabja, which is about fifteen miles from the border with Iran.

Nasreen gathered the food quickly, but she, too, noticed a series of odd smells carried into the house by the wind. They had fled downstairs to escape the bombardment, and it was difficult to abandon their shelter.

“At first, it smelled bad, like garbage,” she said. Then like eggs.” Before she went downstairs, she happened to check on a caged partridge that her father kept in the house. Only splinters of light penetrated the basement, but the dark provided a strange comfort. Then the old people started throwing up.”Chemical weapons had been dropped on Halabja by the Iraqi Air Force, which understood that any underground shelter would become a gas chamber.

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