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I grew up in South Carolina and now go to school in Georgia, so I was raised on the Publix sentimental salt shaker commercials.

If you are unlucky enough not to have a Publix in your area, let me explain.

I guess, to be utterly honest, that Publix commercials are my secret love. I hope that one day I can find that insight into my future consumers the way Publix has.

On just the first page of my search for Publix commercials, I found multiple people who list crying while watching them on their blogs.

One person even had a picture of the pilgrim pair on his blog.

Mainly because my grandmother had the same kind of beat up index card for her recipes.

After she passed last year, my mom had some of the index cards framed for me as a memento of all the good times we had over her famous fried chicken and custard.

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