Am i dating a dork

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Giphy In the dating world, this is a good thing — a very good thing.

And that gentle summer breeze caressing your arm - did you know that relative to its land area, the United Kingdom has more tornadoes than any other country?

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Harry Potter is my geeky passion of choice because, like millions of others, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

When I want (need) to ride, it’s good to be able to ride without thinking about the time I might be taking from someone else. Her daughter has two pit bulls that also live with her.

I know what I am going to be doing Saturday nights. Deborah’s 85 year old mother requires daily attention. Of course, what man wants it only once a week, even if “it” is kisses and snuggles only? This whole dating thing is more difficult than the whole marriage thing (wait, no, no, no it’s not yet).

That is probably not the best way to say it, but it’s close.

I am taking the time to know her before I know her any other way. This weekend will be our four and four — four months talking, four weeks dating.

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