An unexpected error occurred while updating diablo 3

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please try again Can u Blizzard do sth about it cos i have been having the same problem for a week now.i checked firewall, internet connect, reinstalled d3 everything no respond for my ticket for 3 days .

thank u very much for all the abuse and ignorance from u Blizzard.

Diablo 3 launched on PC today and if you were expecting a smooth launch day ride, you are in it for a surprise.

Technical issues were bound to pop-up and they did, while some of them just require you to use your common sense, some of these can only be fixed following a thought-out workaround.

I've searched for threads related to this issue (as well as googled), but I could not find any solutions.

If it matters, I have the official korean and english language packs installed.

Please try again."I tried again multiple times hoping it would work. Agent: (build 998)Exe: C:\Program Data\\Agent\Agent.998\Time: Jun 6, 2012 .406 PMUser: XXXComputer: XXXThis application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #1 (0x13370001) Fatal Exception Program: C:\Program Data\\Agent\Agent.998\Exception: 0x E06D7363 (unknown exception) at 007AB9BCCrashed Thread: 0x00000a3c Project: 19130001Build: 998Project Name: Agent Btw is it possible that downloading new graphics card drivers could cause this error?

but this is completely new, and comes everytime I open the launcher! Tried to delete Cache folder, but the same happens.

After logging into BN, message comes up: "new patch for Diablo 3 is available...". Tried reinstalling from the Dvd and get the same error over and over again!

To fix it, restart the downloader and scan for the missing files, let the downloader start the installer itself. 6# Diablo 3 Freezes ‘Hangs’ During Updating Setup Files Make sure Windows Service for Secondary Logon is enabled.

5# Can’t Start Diablo 3 Setup – Nothing Happens Executing Diablo 3 exe does nothing? 7# Diablo 3 Crashes – Overlay Programs, Third Party Apps If you running any of these programs, you are likely to experience random crashes: Update these programs or close them before launching the game.

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