Asin thottumkal dating

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Asin is supposed to mean A (Sanskrit) sin (English), meaning one without sin or pure without blemish, is what she was named by her father.

LKG to X standard was at Naval Public School, Kochi, followed by Plus two at St. Then it was graduation with Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at St.

A lull followed and now All is Well is where she will be seen again shortly.

Movies come, movies go, but Asin continues to do her role effectively and remains fresh as ever.

Much later she did another box office grosser Ready with Salman Khan.

Then followed Houseful 2 with Akshay and Co., Bol Bachchan with Ajay Devgan and Co., Khiladi 786 with Akshay again.

She further knows a smattering of Italian, a little Marathi, and she has begun to learn Spanish and German.

She is brand ambassador to a whole host of companies and products.

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Then Chakram in Telugu and back to Ullam Ketkumae by director Jeeva in Tamil.She was immediately seen as a leading lady for many a film that later turned blockbuster, like, Ghajini, Sivakasi, Varalaru, Pokkiri, in that order. Her character and her own histrionics drew rave reviews.She was described as ‘magical’, ‘vivacious’ and what not, and fetched her names like “lovable chatterbox”.She looks fresh and photogenic and acts her part brilliantly”.After a sensational box office start, London Dreams with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan followed.

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