Asp net form not validating what am i doing wrong dating

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The first action returns a view to the user to enter customer information and the second action processes the user input.In a real-world solution, the customer information would be stored probably in a database.No 404 or 500 errors) This doesn't happen in my real code btw, just happens on the page I copy/pasted from your on-line example to make tests (I will report the code down here).This means that somehow I fixed that second bug in my real project but I don't remember how.The first part is to ensure that only valid entries are made.This should filter inputs which don’t make any sense.Without any help, it can be frustrating and annoying for the user which might end up in losing a potential customer. NET MVC provides several possibilities for model validation. NET MVC project with the empty template and add folders and core references for MVC.Then I create a simple Home controller with two actions.

The default model binder performs validation during the binding process.

To create a valid customer the user have to provide a name, a birth date (in the dd/mm/yyyy format) in the past and he must accept the terms and condition.

To enforce these requirements, I use model validation.

This could be a birth date in the future or an appointment date in the past.

As important as checking for valid data is to inform the user about the wrong input and help him to enter the information in the expected form.

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