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He resubmitted his request, this time tailored to the city's policy, which says nothing can be left overnight.

This time, city officials agreed to let him put up his display for his family gathering.

Read more about our campaign for atheist rights ↠ India has become a dangerous place for people who publicly promote rationality and expose charlatans who use ‘magic’ tricks to claim they have powers from God.

Several Indian rationalists have been killed since 2013.

The American Center for Law and Justice told Life Site News, "We're very pleased that the residents of this Minnesota city are sharing the true meaning of Christmas through these displays, which are constitutionally protected speech." The Freedom From Religion group said they are fine with private Nativity scenes, as long as government does not sponsor them.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What books do you recommend?

The bandstand is now booked throughout the holidays.All that needs to be done is to apply for a permit." Disappointed Christians responded to the Wadena city council decision in various ways.Brady Folkestad applied to use a bandstand in a city park that has been designated for public discourse for his family Christmas gathering, in which he would like to display Christmas decorations and a Nativity scene. Folkestad then contacted the American Center for Law and Justice, which reviewed the city's bandstand usage policy and gave advice about equal access to public facilities for religious use.Other folks began to buy and put up Nativity scenes on their yards and in their shop windows. There are four sets in a craft store window, three at a local café, two at the local bookstore.Some stores painted their display windows with the Nativity scene.

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    He resubmitted his request, this time tailored to the city's policy, which says nothing can be left overnight.

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