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Black bears are the largest land mammal in New Jersey.They are an integral part of the state's natural heritage and a vital component of healthy ecosystems.(Minutes of a medical practice) Our new webpage is currently under construction so bare with us while we fix up the bugs.(University website) I just typed all of this up in a matter of minutes. Unless you’re inviting someone to play strip poker with you, don’t write the phrase “bare with me.” The correct version is bear with me.Bears are attracted to neighborhoods by garbage odors, so properly securing your garbage is one of the best ways to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance in your community.Residents are encouraged to work within their community to make sure all garbage is secured and kept away from bears.

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Combining these two definitions into a silly sentence will help you remember that the correct phrase is “bear with me,” not “bare with me.” A patient bear will always bear with you, but an impatient bear just might devour you!

Here are some online examples that use the phrase correctly.

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