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Main problem is with Adobe CC, unfortunately for me I'm running a digitisation studio and that's all I actually need to run.You can get around most issues by messing in preferences, but bridge still crashes out, and LR PS take an age to load.I did an erase and install, wanting eventually to install El Capitan.I installed Snow Leopard with my install DVD but when using Software Update, the updates are downloaded, but when I select "restart" from the prompt it will just hang at the universe looking desktop screen, never restarting.My questions are: No, don't do it if you don't have to.I just bought three new Mac Mini's with El C installed, and even with 16GB ram and 2.6 ghz processor they're not as fast as my old one.

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I have a 1TB external hard drive but have not yet formatted it or backed up my files.

I just pressed back three times and I'm still on the same line. I'm so dissapointed since this have decreased my tempo so incredible much that I'm seriously thinking of switching back to 3.1 (and Leopard if that is required).

Every time I mention this to other Xcode users they answer "just click this and that", why would I want to use my mouse when coding ? And by the way, doesn't pageup/down move the cursor anymore, just the "view" ?

I'd consider bumping it up to the max of 8 if you could find it cheap somewhere.

My 2010 13" Mac Book Pro ran El Capitan just fine (before I turned it into a Free BSD machine).2.) That file system would be fine.

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