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If that be the case then you have to point out that if they (religious people) believe ANY scientific findings be accurate or true, having propped science up as the God of Atheism, then they’ve broken one of the first commandments Moses laid forth in Exodus.

If they feel that is not true, then they concede that believe in scientific findings is not a “belief in science” but an acceptance of the findings of the study of the world we live in.

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One reason I finally stopped searching for God, was people kept saying everything was "God's will" or "I'm doing the will of God." I just found that a way to not take responsibility for a persons own will.

😔 [] "Life After Death: Why scientist declared ‘there IS an afterlife – Memories are separate!

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Simplistically, it’s as if to say, “You don’t believe in my God, so you must believe in yours.” Drowning Woman Scolded, Belittled, Berated By 911 Operator This is absolutely disgusting.

The fact this employee is being protected by supervisors is almost as disturbing as the exchange itself.

I love science, learning, being out doors or cooped up. The funny thing is I’ve noticed a false equivalence drawn between religion’s adherence to doctrine and an atheist’s adherence to science.

Often in an effort to square the notion of atheism as a religion, some people seem to assert that a god is to a religion what science is to secularism.

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