Bill engvall daughter dating

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Think about this, when you’re born, you nurse on your mama. My bitch in high school had a 12 foot boa constrictor, she named it Fluffy. Well, we go over to her house, I don't know about the snake, and she says, "Hang on while I get into something more comfortable, okay? " A few minutes later, she comes out wearing that snake around her neck, I'm backin' away, saying, "No thanks, I can drive." She says to me, "No, wait, Bill. " I took Duke to the vet ’cause he eats his own turds, and I asked the vet, “Isn’t that unusual? Just take some of this powder here, sprinkle it on his food and it’ll make him stop.” I said, “What’s it do?

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Bill sees a wild side to his wife that he's never seen before.

Meanwhile, Lauren tries to get her parents to let her get a piercing.

Among the many things Bill has to deal with include helping his oldest son do a five-page paper overnight after attending a parent-teacher conference and getting off on the wrong foot with the teacher, his youngest son's missing constrictor snake, and his daughter's fender bender (after she caught him "arguing" with his wife).

I would be drunk with power." "I'll tell you fellas how much women have power" "Women can have a bad day and blame it on their hair and we buy it" ".... Because eighty-year-old people don't give a damn what you think. So we go to this club and from the git-go, we were so out of our element.

I love being in my fifties because people gotta listen to you now; you've been around for awhile. She's earned the right to fart at your dinner table. Of course, in my head, I'm going 'Hell yeah, they're checking me out! She's got a little, tight dress on, cut up to the hip and she has locked eyes on me. And I turned around to talk to them and -- this is when you know you have really good friends -- they have all taken a step back from me. And she is walking right at me and I'm thinking 'Oh my God'.

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