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Eleven, delivers an impassioned lip-syncing performance in the frenetic video for “Find Me,” from DJ-production duo Sigma and British singer Birdy.

The clip opens with a dramatic shot of Brown standing in the middle of an empty street as the camera moves towards her.

The fact it's Dennis Hopper makes it a very pop culture important episode.

The scene between Hopper and Bea Benaderet is a standout.

At the Disco’s “LA Devotee.” Brown also previously showed off her own musical chops on The Tonight Show, rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from Kanye West’s “Monster.” Find out how Netflix’s retro hit ‘Stranger Things’ resurrects the Eighties.

Bobbie Jo meets a Jack Kerouac wannabe named Alan Landman, a poet from New York City.

Sadly, cute youngest Betty Jo is not in the episode.

Befitting Brown’s Stranger Things role, the “Find Me” clip has a few sci-fi twists, including prismatic animations that splice Brown’s already surreal journey and close-ups of her eyes that turn kaleidoscopic and recall 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Similarly, their impression of Alan is equally as dismal.

Bobbie Jo, on the other hand, is falling in love with Alan, or at least what Alan represents.

Features Dennis Hopper in an early role, in the next few years he'd be seen on the big screen, first in supporting roles such as The Sons of Katy Elder, but would shoot to super stardom with Easy Rider. Dennis Hopper is a young beatnik who's as pretentious as all beatniks on old shows, but with his good acting he keeps the character real enough to seem more like a jerk than pretentious.

The funny parts have the reactions of the regulars against this character who thinks he knows more about life, and doesn't know anything.

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