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If they are too tight, the bike will not idle when hot. Unless the dealership inspected the fuel that came out of the tank with the petcock in the reserve position or carfully inspected what drained out of the carburetor when they cleaned it, they'll never know if there is water in the gas.

It can stay settled on the bottom and not be a problem until it sloshes into the fuel pick-up or until the reserve is turned on.

It's an all-stock bike that I purchased a few weeks ago.

Please note that the results can be several days or weeks old.

) I'm bringing into the dealer again but I wanted to hear what anyone had to say first.

It's my first bike so I'm still learning everything. Perhaps a vacuum leak, as in the intake boots are leaking?

It worked perfectly after that (idle seemed much higher).

Today (4 days after getting it fixed), i got onto the highway and everything was fine but once I got off and slowed down at a stoplight, the idle suddenly started getting much slower until it stopped. It happens in gear and in neutral while moving and stopped.

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