Bootstrap not updating mdt

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Skip Package Display=NOShow what packages get installed and allow the person running the build to check off what gets installed.Skip Locale Selection=YESUILanguage=en-USUser Locale=en-USKeyboard Locale=04000409Lookup these values if you need them to be different.Deploy Root=\MYSERVER\Deploy$The server share where you have your deployment point at.User Domain=DOMAINThe domain that the below User ID is a part of that let's you have access to the above Deploy Root folder.

bootstrap not updating mdt-70

bootstrap not updating mdt-68

The first thing that comes to mind is, when we PXE/media boot our client.

Skip Deployment Type=YESDeployment Type=NEWCOMPUTERThis formats the HDD and does not save user data.

Skip Domain Membership=NOJoin Domain=DOMAINDomain Admin Domain=DOMAINYou can prepopulate this to save some typing when telling the setup what domain to join.

SLShare=\COMPUTER\logs$Where some logs will be saved at on a network machine if you want them to be. Staging OU=OU=Vista Test, DC=DOMAIN, DC=ad, DC=SCHOOL, DC=edu Domain DC=

I had a very difficult time getting this to work, but it is very nice when you run into problems with your deployment (and you will). These are added in so that my custom swap OU scripts will work.

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