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Let me specify that I love to shoot but I'm not a hunter. I grew up as a kid in Pennsylvania learning to hunt, and I just decided for myself very early that it was not for me. The stereotype is that rock stars like to hook up with the blonde haired, big boobed, not much going on upstairs, type. That physical attraction comes when there's something about them that you look at, and one day that can be blonde hair and humongous breasts, and the next day it could be a very exotic looking girl with dark hair and green eyes and small breasts who's just beautiful. I don't speak down to anyone who works around me, and so I won't put up with it in a I'm an animal lover so… Bret Michaels: I'm an animal freak lover!! I love animals and I'd rather save them then kill them. I feel like a lot of women play into it because they think that's what you want, and I don't know if that's the case. Obviously in my past I had a quite wild relationship with Pamela Anderson… I'm not saying she's not an intelligent woman… Bret Michaels: Go with me… I found Pamela, and obviously she has blonde hair and big boobs, and she was very intelligent. It doesn't have to do with the hair or the breasts. You don't walk into a party and find the person you're most un-attracted to and then want to start a relationship. That person's really attractive." You walk over and you start talking and hanging out. "Peace out." Bret Michaels: Maybe one night on the bus if I'm really drunk that could work, because I could drift out of town quickly. Second, what I'm looking for is a great sense of energy and humor combined. I'll make fun of myself before I will put someone else down. Then you've debunked some of the stereotypes. And I'm so sorry because she's such an awesome person (laughs).Bret Michaels: A couple of the girls who were extremely intelligent and funny, at first, just were sort of living out what they thought I wanted, so I made a speech. I take her on this amazing date and on the way back in the limo we're sitting there talking and we're sort of connected, but not completely. Please don't take, like, an hour and a half shower to prepare to do it." Did you sleep with some of the women on the show? There was a lot of sex involved but… No comment means yes. Bret Michaels: Just let me say "no comment." I've always wanted to say that. I cannot have had sex with any of these girls prior.The next thing that happens is [the producers] say, "We're putting the thirty girls on the wall. " I looked and said, "Well yeah, I've partied with her before." And they said, "Well she says she's never met you." So I said, "Ok look at this picture on My Space.He was an open book and always willing to poke fun at himself. We had a great time analyzing love, relationships, and music and he is someone I would be happy to count as a friend. Bret Michaels: We are actually in the lovely city of Nashville, Tennessee, one of my favorite cities. I think that's led to what I bring to the band, which is not only just a sense of good rock music, but a good sense of being able to tell a story whether it's funny, sexual, deep… I'm able to complete the story with the lyrics and the melody. I'm very independent and I'm not a big posse guy." In other words, I don't have fifty-two people in an entourage. What happens with a posse to me is that you have to move in a herd.

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I can't imagine that you have trouble meeting women. I think you have a firm realization that it's bizarre dating on TV. So I said, "Why don't we pick natural activities where they can learn to bond with each other or learn to hate each other." So we did full contact mud football, motocross racing, gun shooting… you name it. I want to ask you about women, because people have a certain idea about what rock stars want in a woman. The first thing you have to find, forget about the hair or the breasts for a minute; I'm looking for what I say is a physical attraction.The nineties brought a different kind of fame, with a headline making car crash that nearly ended the singer's life and a passionate and volatile relationship with Pamela Anderson which produced an intimate videotape of the couple having sex, something that both would live to regret.Not enchanted by the attention, Michael's joined forces with Pamela Anderson to pursue aggressive legal action that would eventually curb exposure of the tape.Here's the bus from a year ago, and here's the girl standing on the bus." (Laughs).Bret Michaels: So we eliminated five girls, so now it became twenty-five.

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