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Celeb relationships are no longer legit until they have gone Instagram official.And it looks like Caroline Flack and Lewis Burton are taking that step – the 2019 equivalent of having each other in their My Space top eight, which is nearly marriage, tbh.The lovelorn use Vuong's trademarked Identification Coding System to convert their every physical, intellectual, and psychological attribute into a string of characters. Social Gridsters can surf Google for their ideal mate by typing in their most-wanted combination of codes.They can customize their searches to locate people of a particular height, religion, educational background, even level of risk tolerance.Vuong confides that he is "socially retarded in the real world," but he comes across as just plain innocent.It's easy to imagine having a blast with him watching , a cost-benefit analysis of romance that proposes "a mathematical model that could predict and explain all human behavior pertaining to love." Lately, he's been all over the Net with his theories about using statistical analysis to find a date.

He hopes that one day he'll get married and lose his virginity. "I just research it." With a doctorate in pharmacy and a background in computer science, the self-described "extreme type-A personality" works full time on a desperately personal project: "to solve dating by turning Google into a global dating service."Vuong's boyish smile and giddy laugh give him the air of an awkward college freshman.In Vuong's world humans become fully searchable, utterly logical, machine-readable data.It's an eccentric courtship strategy but it suits Vuong perfectly.As our coffee cools, I wonder aloud if Vuong's romantic quest leaves him lonely."In reality, your soul mate is yourself," he replies with a laugh, wrapping his arms around his shoulders in a hug and then kissing his own hand.

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