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The show won the 2008 Gemini Award for "Best Talk Series".After beginning as a show that featured performances, interviews, stories on musicians, and focused on music, the show has become dedicated to focusing on its hosts, with little musical content.The previously hour-long program was now split into two separate half-hour programs.The first half was still MTV Live, and what was previously referred to as "the second half" was now MTV News, hosted by previous MTV Live hosts Aliya-Jasmine Sovani and Johnny Hockin, as well as music reporter Sharlene Chiu.MTV Live has been home to many special events, such as The Tussle in the Temple, where Daryn and Paul "The Intern" competed in a legitimate boxing match; MTV Live Gladiators, where the hosts competed in American Gladiator-style events; and Dancing with the Hosts, a dancing competition putting the MTV Live hosts against each other.On August 18, 2008, noticeable changes occurred with MTV Live.

If you are just looking to chat and have some female company you are welcome in these chat rooms as well.The remaining MTV hosts continued to appear in short segments during MTV Live and in between other MTV programming in segments known as "Quick Chats".On the 100th episode (which turned out to be their 101st episode due to a miscount), they showed the worst moments of MTV Live.Lead singer Damien Abraham also sliced his forehead open with a razor blade, leading to mass bleeding.This time the band performed in the men's washroom.

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