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If you loved the 2009 film, He’s Just Not That Into You or other similar romantic-comedies, Out Fox Productions and the Brockley Jack are currently running the production for you.Carbon Dating is an abbreviated adventure through a series of first-dates gone wrong that ranges from awkward to adorable.Write to Us at: Off West, Euclid Applications Ltd, 1/1 Jersey St, Manchester M4 6JA, United Kingdom Registered office address: Euclid Applications Ltd, 1/1 Jersey St, Manchester M4 6JA, United Kingdom - Company Registration No.Out Fox Productions presents Carbon Dating, a comedy by Ron Elishaa, directed by John Fricker, at the Jack Studio Theatre, a fringe venue in Brockley, south London, from 13 Nov to .Pros: Subtlety, hilarity and tragedy in equal measure Cons: Restatement of character qualities becomes repetitive in just a few places, but that’s it Based on a tidbit of information that philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein spent a period pushing trolleys at Guy’s Hospital during the Second World War, writer Ron Elisha weaves a rich narrative that, in just over an hour, explores philosophy, language, literature, religion, and an intriguing relationship between an Austrian ex-professor and an illiterate Cockney amputee.The performance took at Omnibus Theatre, and the ...Director John Fricker suddenly adopts a very static style of staging that mainly consists of couples sitting at tables. What’s more, the play’s presentation of dating is too traditional to bring anything new to a discussion of love in the 21 century.Notably, homosexuality only appears in the last scene, and is posited as an obstacle to successful dating.

Off West - Browse our theatre list below for what's on: Off West is a United Kingdom (UK) based company serving the international, the UK and London based theatres and theatre goers.First dates come in many shapes and sizes; the good, the bad and the downright disastrous.But whatever happens there’s always a tale to tell.Read More » Ron Elisha Directed by John Fricker★★★ Pros: A well-polished production featuring quick-wit and down-to-earth sketches from the frontlines of first dates.Cons: Low stakes and a weak point of view create a sketch comedy feel, so the show lacks real weight.

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