Changesets and updating work best of dating

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Each change Set tag is uniquely identified by the combination of the “id” tag, the “author” tag, and the changelog file classpath name.The id tag is only used as an identifier, it does not direct the order that changes are run and does not even have to be an integer.

Since 1.7 When Liquibase reaches a change Set, it computes a check sum and stores it in the “databasechangelog”.

If you've done some work in your working directory, why not to commit these changes providing a meaningful description of your results as a commit message and then merge your results into the main branch?

It will be more clear for other people to see in two separate changesets what you have made as your .

If there was a valid reason for the change Set to have been changed and you want to ignore this error, update the databasechangelog table so that the row with the corresponding id/author/filepath has a null value for the check sum.

The next time Liquibase runs, it will update the check sum value to the new correct value.

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