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You will be informed of the decision, and if we buy it, the book will be added to your reservations.Make a purchase suggestion using your online account.2) In Windows, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click 'Recording Devices'.3) Right click the Microphone/Line In input that the mic boom is plugged into. Move the 'Microphone' and 'Microphone Boost' levels to halfway (or close to that). 5) On the Sound Settings screen, click the 'Playback' tab and make sure your Computer speakers are enabled so you can hear audio playback.We cannot do anything about your pin over the telephone. Our library members can make purchase suggestions for books we do not have in our collection.This request goes to our stock officer and they decide if we should buy it.Most items can be borrowed for three weeks at a time (unless otherwise stated when borrowed).When you borrow items from the library, you can choose to get a receipt printed from our self-serve machines showing the return date.

If there is an update available, try updating the console, and then test the headset again.

If there is no available update, try power cycling the Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold Membership is Active and Settings Are Configured Correctly If a power cycle did not resolve the issue, make sure your Xbox One and headset are enabled for online chat.

To power cycle the console, please do the following: Any errors with the Xbox One console should no longer be present. To quickly determine if the settings are configured correctly, try using the standard Xbox One headset that was included with the console for chat.

If you were able to hear the sound you recorded but the mic wasn't working during the mobile phone test, then there may be an issue with the headset itself.

Please contact our Support Team for additional assistance. The Xbox One Console and Xbox One Controller are Functioning Properly Occasionally, you may lose chat due to a console or network error.

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