Chelsey davey dating

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After his duty he will resume his relationship with his long time girlfriend Chelsy Davy and most probably get engaged. He had a former girlfriend called Minki Van Der Westhuizen who is a south African model but has now formed aclose relationship with Chelsy Davy, who is incedently a former partner of the English hier to the throne, Prince Harry.

The usual spelling of the proper name is "Chelsea" (city in England, from chalk landing).

With a bustling life of her own and ambitions to tend to, it's no surprise that she was apprehensive about a life in the monarchy.

The couple went through a series of breakups during the course of its relationship.

Each time news broke that they'd gone their separate ways, their many fans around the world were gutted.

One of their most notable splits occurred in January 2009.

After meeting in the spring of 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa, the pair embarked on a seven-year romance that was full of highs and lows.

They journeyed into adulthood together, with Prince Harry beginning his military training in 2005 and Davy focusing on her higher education.

The pair met in early 2004 while Davy was a boarder at Stowe School, and were an on-again, off-again couple until May 2010.

It also may be spelled as Chelcie, Chelsa, Chelsee, Chelseigh, Chelsey, Chelsi, Chelsie and Chelsy.

While Prince Harry may be flying solo, it looks like his former ex Chelsy Davy may have found her match.

Thankfully, they've managed to remain close friends since their breakup, and Davy even attended Harry's March 2018 wedding.

They both have clearly moved on, but what irretrievably ended their romance?

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