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"If the rates are not stable, this can cause problems for planning," he said.\*\ Kent Ewing wrote in the Asia Times: The Year of the Dragon 2012, which began on January 23, got off to a bad start before it even began. "Inappropriate," cried scores of politically correct microbloggers.Who would you rather have guarding the commonweal of your nation - a Chinese dragon or Mickey Mouse?Feng-shui masters said that better-than-expected economic news was due the influence of the advancing dragon chasing the rabbit to the back of the zodiacal queue.At one provincial hospital a 50-year-old man reportedly died of stroke because doctors were too preoccupied doing Caesarean operations.A rise in births in Guizhou and other provinces, some said was attributable to a rush to have babies in the year of the horse.The Chinese zodiac is based on a centuries-old system based on natural elements, marked by fixed colors and assigned a dozen animals as they correspond to the hour, date, month and year of birth.

Good Websites and Sources: Traditional Religion in China: Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Religion Facts; Deities Worshipped by Farmers China Vista ; Mazu China Vista ; Video: “Ancestor Worship, Confucian Teaching, featuring Myron L.Expect the politics of the Middle East and North Africa to continue to roil while the earth shakes and the seas bulge and surge.Prepare yourself for a wild ride, although also remember that in the end the dragon is there for assurance and protection.Other said it was the result of the easing of the one-child policy remained unclear.Julie Makinen wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Ma Yan, now of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, published a study in 2010 looking at birthrate data between 19 and found no discernible zodiac-based preferences.

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