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Mail Clients Microsoft Outlook 2007 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft Outlook 2013 Microsoft Outlook 2016 (only in migrations with ODME or Migration Manager for Exchange 8.13) IMPORTANT: CPUU does not support Outlook installed using application virtualization systems such as Microsoft App-V.

TIP: CPUU can switch profiles that contain multiple Exchange accounts - only the primary Exchange accounts are always switched.

However, only those Exchange Server and Outlook combinations are supported that are also supported by Microsoft.

For a list of Outlook versions compatible with your Exchange Server, refer to the Exchange system requirements.

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A profile is processed whether or not it is set as the default for Microsoft Outlook.

When updating Microsoft Outlook profiles, CPUU looks for a correspondence between the source and target recipients, using the custom attribute populated by the Directory Synchronization Agent.

INI) and three batch files for it using the Dell Client Profile Updating Utility Configuration wizard.

Include the resulting files in the logon script for the domain users.

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