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A simple fix is to create the ICommand object once and use it again and again.In the previous article, we discussed a lot of theory about what commands are and how they work.The reward is especially obvious when you need to invoke the same action from multiple places though, or when you use built-in commands that WPF can handle completely for you, as we saw in the last example.I've decided to start re-publishing the Reactive UI documentation in blog post format over the next few weeks, so that more people get eyes on it.

The visual interface consists of a single button, which we attach the command to using the Command property. The Can Execute handler, which WPF will call when the application is idle to see if the specific command is currently available, is very simple for this example, as we want this particular command to be available all the time.

To get a sneak preview for what's coming next, head to the docs PR on Git Hub, that works a bit differently than most other implementations.

Commands represent discrete actions that are taken in the UI - "Copy", "Open", and "Ok" are good examples of Commands.

However, this is of course not true for all buttons - in many cases, you want the button to be enabled or disabled depending on some sort of state in your application.

A very common example of this is the toggling of buttons for using the Windows Clipboard, where you want the Cut and Copy buttons to be enabled only when text is selected, and the Paste button to only be enabled when text is present in the clipboard.

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