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Yes, your cellphone is traced every time you make a call, send a txt, send an email, etc.with the majority of cellular devices, you can have the option to set it to be traced by anyone or to be traced by only 911.A prepaid cellphone can be tapped just as easily as any other cellphone. Tracking people using a stolen credit card is one of them.It can also be traced to the point of purchase, and if you use a credit card it can easily be traced to the buyer. If someone steals your credit card they will enter your details on the site they are making the purchase from but they will use their own IP Address, so it can be traced. Also, the bank can shut down the credit card and prevent you from using it.The child traced a picture of Mickey Mouse and joked that she drew it herself. Well either your registering a heifer or a cow, not a heifer cow or anything like that.She must be purebred, or have parents that can be traced back over the lineage, depending on what breed she is.So enjoy our service, but please visit our sponsors so they keep paying us. Cyber, the Official Cyber Dating Website.

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yes if you had it registered with find my i Phone or android device manager.

if you didn't have it on that then no it can't be traced.

if the robber wiped the phone and put his/her email on it, then it can't be traced.

hope i helped Federal Reserve Notes come pre-registered.

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