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When Frawley learns that Claire quit her job, he wiretaps her phone, and threatens to prosecute her as an accomplice after realizing that she is seeing Doug.

Shocked to discover that her lover was one of her assailants, she is forced to cooperate with the FBI and breaks up with Doug.

She in turn tells Doug that she saw a tattoo on one of the robbers, and he realizes that she can identify Jem and send them all to prison.

He knows that Jem will kill her if he discovers the truth, so in order to discourage her, he advises her to tell the police, and tells her that the authorities will then put her in witness protection and send her to live in another state.

The film premiered on September 8, 2010 at the Venice Film Festival before being released in the United States on September 17, 2010.Doug and Jem don hockey masks and violently assault the offenders without Jem knowing the true reason for the favor is to protect Claire.FBI Agent Adam Frawley surveils the gang and recognizes their ties to local crime lord Fergus "Fergie" Colm, who has another robbery planned for them.Krista, Doug's ex-girlfriend and Jem's sister, threatened by Frawley and heartbroken by Doug's going away without her, reveals enough for the FBI to surround Fenway before the gang can get out.The gang is caught in a firefight with FBI SWAT operators, and Dez and Gloansy are killed. Jem, determined not to go back to prison and out of ammunition, commits suicide by cop by running out of cover with his guns unloaded and is killed.

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