Dating 101 decode her body language

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Body language allows us to communicate authentically, regardless of what we’re saying.

This means that you have to be even more aware of how your body language is coming across to her, than you do about what you say. For each category, there are positive and negative body language cues that signal interest or disinterest.

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On the other hand, a negative body language cue such as a lack of eye contact, signals insecurity and distrust.Tell her that every time she does it she has to hold your hand. Joke around with her when she keeps going back to nail biting and tell her, “wow, you must really like me huh, tell you what, now every time you bite your nails you have to kiss me.My version of mistletoe.”Another indicator that she’s got high stress in her life is her temperature.Interestingly enough, men are also more attracted to women with bigger pupils making it a win-win for seduction.If you’re counting, normal blinking rates are about 15 times per minute, women on birth control blink about 20 times.

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