Dating a bosnian guy

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Even if old and slow, it is the fastest car ever and he did the best job fixing it. On the other hand they don’t take care of their rooms as much, but after all, car is their friend.

THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR GIRLJust like their car, their girl is a valuable thing.

For Croatian boys some things count as usual and normal, but there are always exceptions.

Meeting a Croatian guy often means you´ve hit the jackpot, but sometimes, well, there´s plenty more fish in the Adriatic sea!

At school the sum of my state-school history education can be reduced to Aborigine Dream Time and the six wives of Henry VIII.

My husband’s seemed to include everything from the chronological conquests of Genghis Khan to Field Marshal Montgomery’s victories in North Africa and the origins of the SAS. I in turn have tried to share some information on Romantic Poets of the nineteenth century but this for some reason has fallen on deaf ears. 4] You don’t have to wonder what a Balkan man is thinking He tells you.

Except to say all our friends have been told about Alexander the Macedonian.

Always near him, always together, always happy, always when he wants it.

After all, he should have some time for himself and his friends right?

THEY LOVE FOOTBALLFirst thing to do, and I am serious, is finding out his favourite club.

If he says there are good players in both of the biggest clubs – you’ve hit the jackpot. When he´s watching the game, and every game is the game, then be there for him or don’t be there at all.

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