Dating a divorced libra man

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If you want a fun dad, then an Aquarius man is your guy!If, however, you’re looking for someone to share responsibilities and sometimes be the bad cop in any given scenario then sorry, please play again.Guys born under this sign of the zodiac find it difficult to squeeze into the narrow framework of “husband” or “father”, because it means – for them – compromising who they are as an individual to become part of a unit.They don’t understand the level of work involved in making a marriage successful, and so when things get tough or they’re forced to take on responsibility, they balk at the challenge.When it comes to children, they want to provide them with everything they didn’t have growing up and then some.

Since communication is such a big turn-on for men born under this sign, emotional cheating satisfies the mental needs that aren’t being met by their SO.

As stubborn as they come, a Taurus guy can’t deal with negotiation and compromise, leading most arguments as a stalemate.

He’ll never give and his partner knows that she can’t keep letting him get away with whatever he’s been doing, and so they’re stuck at a crossroads, both seething and unable to communicate.

On the opposite side, differing opinions on whether or not to have children at all can also cause cracks in the foundation of a Leo man’s relationship.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and any Virgo guy will tell you that that is too true.

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