Dating a successful man

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The more meaning you give to something insignificant the more worry and stress you put yourself under.

whether he’s working a regular 9 to 5 job, going to school full time, or pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors. We may not show our emotions as often as women but we do still FEEL.

Creating a ritual that only the two of you do will solidify your bond and you’ll cherish the moment you do spend together even more.

Sudden urges will arise within you to want to text or give him a call.

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He’ll love that you’re respecting his space and will appreciate you much more.So when you think about the anxiety you’re getting from being away from your boyfriend, it’s merely your perception of the situation you’re creating subconsciously.Take a deep breath and create a schedule that you enjoy that aligns with you partner.It’s important that you let your boyfriend know that you support him.Many times women will say “I support you” but in all actuality it means nothing if you can’t stand being alone.

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