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If you want to feel frustrated on a regular basis in your relationship, date someone who is insecure and defensive.The overall lesson As frustrating as insecure men can be when you date them, please remember to view the problem through a lens of empathy.Insecure men frequently ask for another person’s opinion. ” or ask for other reassurance about their appearance.Finally, they frequently recount stories of success and ask for confirmation that they did well.When it comes to figuring out the opposite sex, sometimes it pays to go straight to the source.We got real men to answer the question, "What the eff is he thinking?!

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Insecure men are often bubbling with anger under the surface, and their anger or bitterness is noticeable in situations at work and in their social lives.

Frequently asking for reassurance Insecure men need reassurance like a shopping mall needs customers.

Deep down, insecure men don’t believe that they are good enough on their own, so they frequently ask others for validation to make them feel better.

Insecure men are keenly attuned to power hierarchies, and they desperately want more power and control than they currently have.

Insecure men compare themselves to men at work, constantly noting who is more or less successful; they compare their appearance or attractiveness to other men; and they have a habit of putting down men in all walks of life, which makes them feel better for the moment.

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