Dating advice for introverted guys

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I thought she was married or in a relationship with the guy she lived with, and since I'm not an asshole that ruins existing relationships I didn't think too much about her, just something else to add to the view as I walk up a mountain.After the hike she messaged me on facebook because she was too nervous to text me. I was hesitant to try online stuff at first, but I've found that I like it.I've just about given up on the active search.Maybe you just meet the special someone along the way.Yeah, was putting it off but had a deal with myself that if I was still single when I hit 30 I was going to have to take the plunge.It's been working out very well for me so far with my boyfriend that I met there.I found out she was single and we started chatting more, went on a few more hikes and now 2 years later we're engaged. It just seems like there's less pressure meeting people on dating websites than in person.I don't really prefer meeting guys at bars or parties, since I often don't have a lot in common with guys there.

I'm lonely and bored, I see my friends with their relationships, and I just really want a boyfriend.

TL; DR: My inbox isn't exactly on fire, despite sincere concerted efforts to say hi and reach out to new people.

I quit e Hamrony because I only got one bite out of about 30 pings I sent out, and even she wouldn't keep up with me consistently.

But as I'm sure many of you understand, that's hard for someone who doesn't get out much.

I rarely go to bars, and when I do and start talking to a guy, it's obvious they're looking for sex, not a relationship.

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