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The book says no dating for AT LEAST a year, to be in therapy of some sort and that any new relationship is bound to be a rebound and fail in the end.

When I was dating the separated guy, I had friends who said "good for you" and others who said "he's still married"..people won't accept a separation as a relationship ending, they will only accept it as real once the papers are signed...other people see that once both parties "check out" then it's over, once the mental commitment ends, it's over.

In additional to already having to get all new credit cards, I had to close my bank account and get all new check! I guess I am saying, I feel like I've already been single! Each person is responsible in a partnership and that is what you are doing protecting your side to the partnership.

It is not a matter of getting over it quicker but a matter of going on with life. My marriage was over 12 years ago and even though we have not been together for that long, there have been times when he has wanted to get back and then those same old guilt feelings come into play but they are always short lived.

I agreed but feel like I am cheating because technically I am still marrried. I don't know but I definetly have mixed feeling although I said I would go to dinner. DO you think you are being fair to this nice gentleman if you cannot put your full effort if he is looking for something more?

I Did explain to this person that I am not ready for anything and that I am separated. Most of my friends are happy that I am going because of the hell I have endured for so long but I do have one friend who frowns on it. What happens if he falls for you and then you cannot provide him what he was hoping for?

I think you should wait it out a bit more until you are fully recovered.

i do think you should get out but possibly not lead anyone on, make it clear what it is.

And be warned, many times you "THINK" you are ready to start dating, but once you get into it, you realize you weren't as ready as you thought.I would not feel guilty if you are feeling like moving on and now is the time. But the bottom line is to live happily and I hope you overcome all of your obstacles that you have had because you deserve a happy life.Speaking as a chaplain (which I am), I find nothing legally OR morally wrong with you dating someone at this juncture in your life.Maybe I am stereotyping but those are my inner thoughts about it.If you feel it is wrong then don't go against that.

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