Dating anniversary gifts for guys

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This present is especially great for coffee and tea lovers.Photo Credit: Craftoholics Anonymous There are all sorts of ways to bring fun outdoor activities into the comfort of your own home.Put each date in one folder, seal it shut, and mark it with a month.

If you choose to do the indoor camping surprise, prepare s’mores ahead of time (since you can’t light a real fire inside) and put them on a plate covered in tinfoil in the tent.

On the first card of the deck, explain the present with “52 things I love about you” or create a play on words including the words “luck”, “game”, or “magic trick”.

This gift is a thoughtful way to show your hubby your care that is sure to leave him/her feeling good.

Shop from our selection of anniversary gifts for him to find gifts that encourage his greatest passions, presents that shout your love from the rooftops, and more.

Your honeymoon is approaching and you aren’t sure what to get your hubby…

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