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To add multiple Google accounts: To update your apps manually, just open Play Store, and on the main page swipe in from the left and tap on My apps.

You can tap on apps with pending updates and update them manually, or if you like to update them all at once, just tap on Update All.

Sindhu is the second most popular river and is ranked at 67th.

It is also the most frequently described river in Rig Veda.

— Polybius, Histories 11.39[48][49]Greek rule in Bactria[edit] Greco-Bactrian around 250 BC.

The preserved ancient sources (see below) are somewhat contradictory and the exact date of Bactrian independence has not been settled. Butkara I (Swāt, Pakistan) 1956–1962, Volume III 1.

Chandragupta's grandson Ashoka, who had converted to the Buddhist faith declared in the Edicts of Ashoka, set in stone, some of them written in Greek,[34][35] that Greek populations within his realm also had converted to Buddhism:[36]Here in the king's domain among the Greeks, the Kambojas, the Nabhakas, the Nabhapamkits, the Bhojas, the Pitinikas, the Andhras and the Palidas, everywhere people are following Beloved-of-the-Gods' instructions in Dharma. 13),[37][38] and that he developed herbal medicine in their territories, for the welfare of humans and animals (Edict No.

For Android users that are using stock ROM, you may want to look for new updates to your system.

To check for updates: Once you have a lot of apps installed, your home screen might be filled with app shortcuts.

Note: For some phones, you may need to go to Build number and tap on it repeatedly until you see "You are now a developer!

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