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I can find no statement in scripture where God tells, or allows, husbands to physically discipline their wives (odd, because He doesn’t seem to have forgotten to tell parents to discipline their children).I also find no reference to Christ physically disciplining His disciples or followers (the Christ/church and husband/wife analogy).It appears that the Lord believes that women can mature and grow without their husbands “motivating them” through domestic discipline.

We have studied DD for a number of years – read books and web sites, talked to couples who practice (or practiced) it, and “lurked” on several “Christian Domestic Discipline” e-mail lists.A contributing factor to the disparity of responses to abuse is lack of training, many Christian seminaries had not educated future church leaders about how to manage violence against women.Once pastors began receiving training, and announced their participation in domestic violence educational programs, they immediately began receiving visits from women church members who had been subject to violence.While its advocates rely on Biblical interpretations to support the practice, advocates for victims of domestic violence describe CDD as a form of abuse and controlling behavior.Others describe the practice as a simple sexual fetish and an outlet for sadomasochistic desires.

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