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I know this is a weird question but im 23 y/o male and lived in two areas in my life.

Ive recently moved back(around march) to my hometown(Alabama) after a year and half in Virginia and I feel like i cant find a girl to settle down with after 5 months here.

Ive met a couple women here but either ghosted me or nothing serious and a few hookups.

In my short time in VA i met countless women, hookups and relationships.

It is the first time I had such an awesome date, also as I don't have that much dates as I am not the most social person.

Now, I don't think I will date for a while as I feel the universe is playing tricks on me.

I emptied a 30km radius of women on Bumble, and on Hinge I left dozens of thought out, personalized comments. We hit it off great, had a lot of fun (some great dark humor) and great conversation and we both felt both a physical attraction as well as a more serious connection on a more personal/emotional level. We planned a new date a week later to the Belgian natural history museum, and were just walking home to her place at around 3 or 4 a.m., where we would watch some porn (for some reason, we wanted to discus the graphic details in some explicit Anime/Hentai movies).

Anyway, as we're walking to her place, we ended up talking about the one time she had intercourse with another girl.

I mean, I really cannot stand homophobia or racism.I recently visited Virginia again this past week and I met two woman already that are really great and that wasnt from online dating (I met one at the mall and the other at a bar).Im starting to feel like I just maybe look better in a different town but unfortunately I have a better job life in Alabama lol Tl;dr : Does anyone else have a better dating life in another area?Your female friend on the other hand doesn't work, takes college part time and lives off of the support of her boyfriend who makes good money. I [23F] have primary lymphedema in both of my legs.I was diagnosed when I was 16, so it isn't that bad. I've always been insecure about it though, especially since it was recommended not to shave my legs and I'm quite hairy.

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