Dating featherweight sewing

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It was an instant hit and remained the most popular sewing machine produced by the Singer Sewing Machines Company for many years.Production of the 221 ended in 1961 when sewing machines with more bells and whistles began outpacing demand for the Featherweight with its simple, unsophisticated and down-to-earth functionality and design. The current owner inherited it from her grandmother, who inherited it herself when her best friend passed away.What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in performance.The next thing to catch your eye is the flip up leaf that opens to give you a workspace that is almost as large as the machine itself.Although the Featherweight was sold in other countries, tables and cabinets were offered in North America only.

In fact, Standard Sewing and the Sewhandy were sold several times before Singer made the acquisition.The Singer 221 is the successor to the Sewhandy sewing machine manufactured and sold between 19.The original manufacturer of the Sewhandy was the Standard Sewing Machine Company, based in Cleveland.As an authorized dealer for Janome, we offer a full line of sewing machines, along with an assortment of parts and accessories.We also stock an intriguing selection of collectible antique Singer Featherweights, dating from 1935 to 1964, that still sew a perfect straight stitch!

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