Dating foroum for people with herpes rick black single men online dating

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Many like to say or think requiring testing is standard practice in the dating field, but it isn't. Just like I'd rather not get the flu, but I won't boohoo about it.I can't count how many times I read D/D free in profiles, but these same people never inquired about STI or STD testing. My second daughter contracted Gingivostomatitis when she was 18 months old, a very common virus most people contract by the time they're adults. She's now 8 and has had maybe 2-3 outbreaks since the initial infection. " The issue with STIs and STDs stems from the social and cultural stigma associated with them.And my partner and I wait for the test result with no sexual contact on between with other sex partners. I guess i'm different from the rest, i always request a current std panel test, which would have to include, hsv 1 and 2, syphilis, hiv, and chylamdia and gonnorhea. Unfortunately a man can't test for HPV, which is a bummer. I have also taken all these test to show them i'm free of all diseases. In the 2.5 years I was in and out of the dating scene only one partner inquired about STI testing, and I provided recent results. Only one outbreak each time and in the same general place. The attitude our society has toward sex, that it's dirty, "naughty," and evil unless done within the confines of marriage.However, HSV was not part of the panel, at both OB/Gyns I visited. I met and went out with many dozens of men in that time and only two of them, both with HSV-2, brought this matter up. It wasn't a big deal to me then, as in, "Jibbers Crabst! Any other virus or illness, even permanent, no one throws around assumptions and insults, or attempts to ride their high horse with their pious convictions of "they were probably loose and have a sordid past." The two people I know/went out with contracted HSV-2 in long term relationships.I mean, if two people hit it off on the first date, and say they have sex on the third date.Homegirl's negative results are from three weeks ago, but say she slept with a guy that is HSV a week later?

Again, herpes is NOT part of the standard STD panel, and most doctors worth their degrees would counsel someone who is asymptomatic AGAINST getting tested. I know most people won't do this, so i stay away from them. What if the results were from, say, a month before, and your date contracted it, unknowingly, two weeks after the negative results, but never presented with symptoms up to the point the two of you start dating?This especially applies to the casual daters and their preteding to care about sexual health.One in particular, he knew his partner was cheating because of the outbreak.Now, you're obviously well within your right to not date people with HSV, but I can't imagine why others' dating life, whether an individual is fine with dating someone with known HSV, matters to other people. You don't want to date someone with a known STD, fine, but what other people do is no concern of others. " and of course the guy will be like "Of course baby." even if he's never been tested because some guys will do anything to get laid, even if it means lying about being clean. I would never trust some guy saying "Yeah no worries I'm 100% disease free" shut up dude you just want to get laid, you've probably never even gotten tested. I read a lot of people with STDS don't show any symptoms so they don't bother getting tested. That's a scary thought...again you have to look out for yourself because your partner might not.

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