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But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, ...

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See full summary » Angela has it all - she's on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm and she is engaged to the perfect man.

The year after the appearance, 17-year-old Liane Leedom was lucky enough to walk away unscathed from a photoshoot with Rodney Alcala, and she remarked how he “showed her his portfolio, which in addition to shots of women included spread after spread of [naked] teenage boys.” Police have since released parts of Alcala’s “portfolio” to the public to aid in victim identification (the photos are still available to view).

Over the years, a few have stepped forward to reveal their horrifying moment with this predator.

In Rodney Alcala’s case, the whole story consisted of at least four prior murders that he hadn’t been definitively linked to yet.

As you can probably imagine, Cheryl Bradshaw’s rejection likely only fueled Alcala’s fire.

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