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Gibson introduced the current system of serialization in 1977 and continues with it today.The pattern is as follows: is the production year is the day of the year is the plant designation and/or instrument rank.It's best when trying to evalute a collectible to contact Gibson for further information that is not as easily 1947 Gibson changed the serial number pattern and in 1954 went from white labels to orange labels. otherwise it might just make someone else really happy. the question i guess you have to ask yourself is it worth hanging onto for sentimental reasons even if your're not playing it.This system is fairly reliable for guitars made from 1953 to 1961.

The transfer contained an eight digit serial number as well as "MADE IN USA". There also were some bolt on models with a date ink stamped on the heel.Just wodnering what to do with the '78, keep it or sell it? why don't you just send it on over to me Just the fact that they don't make those Guilds anymore adds value to the instrument. Here's what's on e-bay right now: Z270028877632QQih Z017QQcategory Z2385QQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item Z120031373825QQih Z002QQcategory Z2385QQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item Z330028764288QQih Z014QQcategory Z33028QQss Page Name ZWDVWQQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item------------------Marty my home Experience is that marvelous thing that enables yourecognize a mistake when you make it again! On another note, I saw one at the local Guitar Center, last year, that someone had tried to refinish with disasterous results. Got er nashvilled right now to give her a little break.

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