Dating in todays culture

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When you're in constant competition with 25 million women, it's difficult to remember that they're not all swimsuit models with degrees from Harvard and a strong preference for being on top. You assume everyone is out for the same potential mate, and you drive yourself insane with doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

Unlike as is the case with "The Bachelor," you don't get a rose every week to tell you he still likes you.

A male friend of mine came to my apartment the other day, and he complained to me that he kept hitting his right swipe limit too early in the morning.

Now, this is a feature of the app that I hadn't even known existed, and a problem I would never encounter.

As a woman on a dating app, I tend to expect any profile I deign to swipe right on to result in a match.

I'm not a perfect 10, a member of Mensa or Amy Schumer-level funny, but the way men use dating apps is callous and non-selective.

If the facts are hard to hear, the fantasy is even more difficult to rein in.

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On the finale of "The Bachelor," we saw Jo Jo struggle as she came to realize Ben was in love with another woman. I'm in love with you,” we hear him say behind a closed door.“But you love her too. If we look, instead, at the real, human emotion that comes with the realization that we're losing someone we care about to another person, we arrive at a feeling everyone has battled with to some degree in his or her life.

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